Frequently asked questions

What is The Big Munch?

The Big Munch is a cookie company started by four bay-area teenagers who are committed to raising money for charity. Each month, we select a different charity to benefit, and 100% of the profits are donated to that charity!

What cookies do you offer?

We currently offer nine different types of cookies: Chocowalnut, Monster Munch, Oat MG, Campfire Cookies, Chocolatta Mint, Snickerdudes, Monster Trail Mix, Triple C, and Rainbow Explosion. You can see ingredients, allergens, and prices by viewing our menu.

How can I order cookies?

Use our online ordering tool! Please note that deliveries/pick-ups only occur Fridays between 5pm and 8pm, and the last day to place an order for that weekend is Wednesday.

How does delivery work?

We currently deliver on Fridays to several cities across the Bay Area. When you are checking out, enter your address and you can see if you qualify for delivery! At the moment, we charge $5 per delivery.

What if I'm outside of your delivery zone?

We have two options for you! You can either pick up at 4 Wood Lane in Menlo Park or we can ship to you. If you would like an order shipped, please DM us on Instagram (@the.bigmunch) or email us ( so we can work out a price for shipping. Please do NOT place on order online until you reach out to us!

Do you have Vegetarian/Vegan options?

All of our cookies are Vegetarian EXCEPT the Campfire Cookies (they have gelatin in the marshmallows). Our two Vegan cookies are Rainbow Explosion and Triple C! You can learn more about them by visiting our menu.

Do you have Gluten-Free options?

Yes! Our four gluten-free flavors are Monster Trail Mix, Snickerdudes, Rainbow Explosion, and Triple C. These cookies are baked in an entirely gluten-free kitchen (although not officially certified gluten-free). One of our founders is celiac and she and her family (3 other celiacs) have these cookies every week. No one has never gotten sick!

Do you offer discount codes?

Yes! Use code "BIGMUNCH" to recieve $2 off of a dozen cookies, $3 off of 18 cookies, and $4 off of 24 cookies! Also, be sure to follow our Instagram, where we are constantly announcing giveaways and contests to let you win free cookies!

Where is the money donated to? How much of it is donated?

Each month, The Big Munch team selects a new organization to benefit. For the month of August, The Big Munch is donating 100% of proceeds to Reclaim Our Vote, a campaign created by Andrea Miller a the Center for Common Ground that is committed to fighting voter suppression in various states that have been severely impacted by it, especially in the South. You can learn more about Reclaim Our Vote here, donate here, and volunteer here. We donate 100% of proceeds to the organizations each month. The ingredients for the cookies cost approximately 20% of their sale price, so approximately 80% of what you pay is being donated. If you would like to learn more about our expense ratio, feel free to contact us.

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